Are you in charge of maintenance?

Whether you are a plant maintenance manager or a mechanical maintenance contractor, Petroseal is ready to help you to set up and develop your own leak sealing organization.

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PETROSEAL is your insurance to benefit a 40 year experience in leak sealing with proven procedures and unrivalled products… Unanimously recognized worldwide !


    Acquired through a complete training programme

  • A commitment to Quality

    By benefiting our long experience, you acquire a proven know-how and high quality sealing components


    Thanks to our theoretical and practical training stages


    Get all the required information to advise and inform your clients before, during and after the job performance.



Becoming an authorised Petroseal Leaksealer, is having the guarantee of receiving a full training, both theoretical and practical to our Leaksealing solutions application.


Our Sales Engineers bring a continuous technical and commercial assistance to our Leaksealer partners worldwide.


Petroseal Label allows every one involved in the Leaksealing process (prescriber, ordering person, client), to get guarantees on the technical skills of the service and job performance.

Moreover, as an authorized Petroseal Leaksealer, you also enjoy a full range of services related to this activity.   


By following our full training, you will be able to:

  • Manufacture, yourself or by a third party, the metallic sealing enclosures according to the calculations and drawings supplied by PETROSEAL.
  • Keep an adequate stock of sealing consumables (compound, injection valves and fittings..)
  • Get full and diverse hydraulic injection equipments, made by Petroseal.
  • Maintain your staff expertise thanks to our theoretical and practical training. Please note that retraining sessions are also available.
  • Perform Leaksealing jobs by yourself with the assistance of Petroseal sales engineers.

Theoretical courses are taken care by our Sales Engineers in a classroom. The practical step is performed onsite by a high skilled Leaksealing specialist who has many years of experience working at Petroseal.

Where ?

At your place: Supervised by our Leaksealer expert, your operators would put into practice the strong theoretical bases they have studied by performing – onsite – Leaksealing jobs on real leakage previously pinpointed by you. It is also possible to show our technology on a test bench inside a workshop (supplied with steam or water) made by you following specifications we would have agreed on.

At our place: Petroseal owns an electric steam boiler which produces 25 bars pressure and 200°C temperature. Our boiler is connected to a test bench on which we can deal with lots of cases of leaky static equipment, such as: Leakage on flanges and valve bonnet gaskets, on valve gland packing, on pipes (elbows, straight parts, tapping)

So, join in! Just contact our Exports team by phone at +33 2 35 55 04 70 or fulfil our online form, below: